The Heart Space Line

Breathwork | Movement | Meditation 

Helping you reconnect with yourself,

so you can live an authentic, connected and wholehearted life

Hi, my name is Line. 

It warms my hear that you are here, welcome!

I am a certified breathwork facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher.
10 years ago I embarked on my own healing journey, which has led me to where I am today.
Guiding and holding space for women, who are feeling lost and disconnected from themselves,  reconnect and come home to themselves, so they can live a life that is in alignment with who they truly are. 

I work with women all over the world, through my online 1:1 sessions, events and coaching journey. 

I am here,  because I believe we are all capable of living a life in alignment with our souls, a life that makes every fiber of our being filled with love, joy and happiness. And that starts with creating a safe space for us to heal our past traumas and emotional blockages, so that we can let go of what no longer serve us, and live from a place of love and clarity, and not from a place of fear and pain. 

Work with me

Deep Dive Transformative

Breathwork session 

1:1 deep dive breathwork session. For you who wants to dive deep into yourself and

to explore breathwork and it's healing power

Come Home to Yourself

Come Home to Yourself is a 12 week 1:1 coaching journey, that helps you reconnect  and feel at home within yourself through breathwork, movement and meditation. 

Kind words from clients ...