The Heart Space Line

"Healing through breathing"

"Discover the power of your breath to access the subconscious and initiate profound healing.

In each session, I guide you to create a safe and nourishing space, allowing you to dive deep within yourself. 

Together, we’ll explore and release stagnant energy and emotions that no longer serve you,

paving the way for transformation and growth. " 

Work with me

Deep Dive Introduction Session

1:1 deep dive introduction breathwork session. For you who wants

to explore breathwork and it's healing power

Breath Alchemy Journey

Bundle of 3 x breathwork sessions.

For you who wants to dive deeper and explore the depth of your being

I'm Line Lomholt,

a breathwork facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher.

Hi I am so grateful for you to be here. 

Join me on a journey of discovery and transformation. After facing profound loss, I found peace, acceptance and healing through mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork.

Now, I'm passionate about sharing these tools with you and help you on your healing journey! 

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